Sol Summary – November 15th

Sol: 2
Summary Title: The birthday party
Author’s name: Izabela Shopova
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: Our first full day in sim started at sunrise. The crew engineer checked the suit batteries’ voltage before breakfast. While retrieving the multimeter from RAM Crew journalist made a mistake and opened the front door, which broke the sim accidentally. Realizing the mistake we closed the door and went out through the rare airlock.
At breakfast, the crew had a serving of the first batch of our homemade yogurt in addition to home-baked biscuits, dry fruits, cheese, and ham, while discussing the plans for the day.
The two EVAs to Marble Ritual went well. The crew tested our EVA checklist and had some good lessons learned. It was very exciting to be on our first non-supervised EVAs. The weather was brilliant – cold and clear. We took millions of great photos and videos, including one taken with a drone.
Between the two EVAs the crew threw a surprise party for our Commander’s birthday with a chocolate cake and a birthday card.
Look Ahead Plan: Plan for tomorrow includes First Aid training, support for Intertribal Space conference, and an afternoon EVA
Anomalies in work: Accidental break of sim by mistake in the morning. One of the headphones is giving us trouble.
Weather: Cold and clear, sub-zero temperatures.
Crew Physical Status: Optimal – High spirits, good health, optimistic, elated.
EVA: Two successful EVAs
Support Requested: pillows, trash bags, cleaning product for helmets and please retrieve the garbage we have left in the rear airlock

Thank you , Mission support

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