Commander Report – November 21th

Sol: 8
Summary Title: Monday on Mars
Author’s name: Dr. Jenni Hesterman, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander Report:

The crew was up early today for first aid training using the Oculus VR goggles, then practiced splinting fingers and thumbs. The commander led a training and education session on crisis leadership and communication, presenting theory, case studies and her personal experiences. Two crew members suffered minor injuries today, another wake up call we must fight complacency during a risk-laden mission.

After lunch, three crew members set out with two rovers on a biological mission to the Sea of Shells, with a stop at the Overlook. The Crew Biologist took samples of ice, salty rock and dirt from the roots of plants, searching for microbial life that is helping them retain water.

The Crew Engineer spent the day preparing for carry capacity tests with the Pleiades Anchor. She will also put the device through weather and debris tests. The instrument will help astronauts easily retrieve rock and soil samples without having to bend over or squat.

Following a dinner of pizza and salad made from fresh kale, radish and dill from the GreenHab, the crew participated in an emergency response tabletop exercise to hone our crisis leadership and communication skills. Tomorrow will be a full day with two EVAs, training and research activities, so the crew is having a quiet evening and will turn in early.

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