Sol Summary – December 2nd

Sol: 5
Summary Title: Taking Flight
Author’s name: Matt Eby
Mission Status: In-Simulation
Sol Activity Summary: EVA excursions in the local area for the first drone flight, to retrieve the mirror experiment for interim examination in the Science Dome, and, finally, to re-deploy the mirror experiment.
Look Ahead Plan: EVAs to conduct soil samples, working from Somerville Overlook and Cowboy Corner.
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: High winds in the morning, with warmer than typical temperatures. Winds slowly eased throughout the day, making for a calm sunset under clear skies.
Crew Physical Status: Crew is in good shape, nothing of concern to note.
EVA: EVA #1 led by the XO and Crew Engineer on foot to retrieve the mirror experiment, 1 hour duration. EVA #2 led by the Technology Officer, with support from the Commanding Officer and Health and Safety Officer. 2 1/2 hour duration using Spirit and Perseverance rovers.
Reports to be filed: Journalist, Commander, Operations, Photos, EVA report, EVA request, GreenHab
Support Requested: N/A

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