EVA Report – December 4th

EVA #9

Author: Kristine Ferrone (CDR) / Trevor Jahn (Technology Officer) / Matthew Eby (Green Hab Officer)

Purpose of EVA: Deploy ham radio antenna near Hab, visual inspection of mirror coating experiment samples, drone flights around Hab and mirror coating experiment sample location across Cow Dung Rd from Marble Ritual
Start Time: 12:00 PM MT
End Time: 1:36 PM MT

Narrative: CDR (Kristine Ferrone), Technology Officer (Trevor Jahn), and Green Hab Officer (Matthew Eby) left the airlock at 12:00 PM MT. Drone Flight Plan 1 had a successful takeoff Southeast of the Crew Habitat and conducted a successful fly over pattern over the Crew Habitat, while taking timelapse photos for later processing using photogrammetry. The crew then proceeded to the north side of the Hab and drove in the ground spike for the ham radio antenna. The base was threaded onto the ground spike, the ground wire laid out, and the extension pole and whip antenna raised for ham radio comms. The coax cable was laid out from the antenna to the side of the tunnel outside the rear airlock and IVA crew retrieved the cable from the tunnel and ran it to the ham radio station. The crew then traversed on foot to the location of the mirror coating experiment samples across Cow Dung Rd. from Marble Ritual and visually inspected the payload. Drone Flight Plan 2 took off successfully near the Mirror Sample location, and conducted 90% of its planned flight pattern, before returning to its takeoff point due to the battery falling below 25%. Timelapse photos were captured for later processing using photogrammetry, and finally, the crew traversed on foot back to the Hab.

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 4251000, 518500

Participants: CDR (Kristine Ferrone), Technology Officer (Trevor Jahn), Green Hab Officer (Matthew Eby)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Hab area, mirror coating experiment sample location (close to Marble Ritual but not crossing Cow Dung Rd)

Mode of Travel: Walking

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