CREW 271 EVA #4 12-21-2022

EVA #4 12-21-2022

Author: Cesare Guariniello

Start time: 13:30

End time: 16:00

Narrative: First, the EVA crew walked to the location of the geology experiment set up in the morning and took another reading of the spectrum of the drying soil. Then, they selected the two rovers with the highest status of charge (the rovers were kept unplugged to preserve energy from the generator). The crew drove to the intersection of the Main Road (Cow Dung Road) with Hwy 1101 and troubleshot radio communication: due to the high power of the repeater but relatively low power of the portable radio transmitters, part of the crew could hear the other crewmembers but could not transmit. The crew switched to simplex mode on channel 2, checked proper communications, and began walking towards Barrainca Butte. Two objectives were pursued in this EVA: first, the crew collected potentially igneous samples in the southern side of MDRS region, and samples fallen down from the higher layers in Barrainca Butte (Dakota sandstone); second, the crew performed two radio communication checks with the habitat via the repeater installed on Hab Ridge. Upon returning to the habitat, the crew took another measurements of the geology experiment, and left the rovers unplugged, to preserve energy.

Destination: South of Barrainca Butte

Coordinates: N4247300, E518600

Participants: Eifert, Grete, Guariniello, Kaosaar

Road(s) and routes as per MDRS Map: Main road south until intersection with 1101, then walking west to Barrainca Butte

Mode of travel: Rovers and Walking

Rovers used: Opportunity and Curiosity

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