Crew 271 Journalist Report 21-12-2022

Crew 271 Journalist Report 21-12-2022

Sol: 3

Author’s name: Helen Eifert, Crew Geologist

Title: Warming Up

BREAKING: our final crew member was deemed fit for space travel; we are cleared for takeoff! We actually found out much earlier, but transmissions from Mars to Earth are slow. Much like the freshly baked loaf of bread Cesare made today, Eifert and Grete rose for an early morning journey to Grand Junction, where our last crew member was in his own pre-launch isolation. Yes, I will be continuing to make food similes all mission. Upon return to the station, Crew 271 officially launched at 1200 for Mars! Hab hath risen.

We’re not sure what kind of rockets the Mars Society has their hands on, but I’m sure Elon Musk has something to do with it. We made swift progress to Mars. We landed and were ready for our first EVA just one short hour after launch at 1300. Incredible. All three of our rookies set foot on Mars for the first time, learned how to operate the rovers, and performed the marble ritual as per tradition. We all succeeded in making 3-point turns with the rovers despite having no peripheral vision in our EVA suits. We warmed up from the cooler martian temperatures with some fresh bread and settled in to our new environment. It was wonderful to have our first dinner as a full crew! YEASTerday, mission support alerted us that temperatures are warming up and we are surely feeling warmed up for a successful mission ahead.

P.S. the tiraMARSu tastes even better the next day

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