Astronomy Report – December 29th



Sol 11

Astronomy Report
Name: Cesare Guariniello
Crew: 271
Date: 12/29/2022

Robotic Telescope Requested: None
Objects to be Imaged this Evening: — (cloudy)
Images submitted with this report: None
Problems Encountered: None

The whole crew took turns to observe the Sun, using the H-alpha filter and protection for visual observation. Then, the Crew Astronomer Guariniello and the Crew Engineer Iakymov worked on focusing and tuning the camera to observe sunspots.
Images submitted with this report: Sunspots_20221229
Problems Encountered: Astronomy Laptop had an issue with the bios (date not set), after fixing that it started properly. Stopping button for the second shutter sometimes gets stuck in low position which, after closing the shutter, prevents the reopening until the button is manually pulled.

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