EVA Report – December 29th

EVA #13

Author: Cesare Guariniello

Purpose of EVA: 1) Collecting rocks and clay samples above Hab ridge and at the foot of Skyline Rim. These samples are for analysis of properties for In-Situ Resource Utilization 2) Radio communication check.

Start time: 1230
End time: 1510

Narrative: The crew left the Hab area on foot, followed route 1103 up to Hab Ridge. Communication with the habitat was tested on top of the ridge with excellent results. During the walk, extensive videographic and photographic footage was collected. The crew sampled the soil along the way and walked about 4km, up to the bottom of Skyline Rim. Climbing in the middle of two alluvial fans, the crew found loose samples assumed to come from the layers above. In particular, one fan had boulders made of relatively large-grain sandstone. A secondary fan was strewn with large rectangular slabs of red shale. The whole EVA crew helped collect samples. Another radio communication check showed that the repeater installed on Hab Ridge allows for direct communication with the habitat from Skyline Rim. After a few minutes to rest and enjoy the beauty of the extensive view from Skyline Rim, the crew headed back to the hab.

Destination: Skyline Rim

Coordinates: 515430, 4251442

EVA Participants: Käosaar, Eifert, Iakymov, Guariniello

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Walked from the Hab to Hab Ridge along 1103 (Sagan Hwy), then followed 1103 to the foot of Skyline Rim

Mode of travel: Walking

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