Sol Summary Report – January 31th



Sol: 2

Summary Title: Research EVA Phase 1 Completed

Author’s name: Sarah E. Guthrie “Ceres”, Commander

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Two crews completed two separate baseline logistics EVAs. Both crews traversed on foot from the Habitat to Kissing Camel Ridge. EVA #3 departed at 10:00am and returned at 11:30pm. EVA #4 departed at 2:00pm and returned at 3:30pm. Habitat bathroom required Mission Support assistance at 5:00pm when the waste overfilled. Mission Support serviced the toilet and provide remedial training to the crew. The solar dome shutter is unoperational currently, Mission Support has been contacted and providing guidance to troubleshoot the problem manually. The crew completed personal research and reports for the rest of the evening. GHO assisted planting dandelion seeds in Lunar and Martian regolith for a community submission study from a 2nd grader in Millersville, Maryland.

Look Ahead Plan: EVA #5 plans to place the first logistic cache which will be a part of a larger logistics study to continue the rest of the mission. The crew also plans to use the solar telescope to facilitate a study for Delta 2, USSF and 557th Space Weather Wing, USAF.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny, highs -6C, low -11C

Crew Physical Status: Optimal

EVA: EVA 3 and EVA 4 completed logistic cache baseline study on foot at Kissing Camel Ridge successfully.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Green Hab Report, Journalist Report, and Astronomer Report.

Support Requested: None

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