EVA Report – February 8th



Crew 274 Sol 9 EVA Report 02-08-2023

EVA #: 10

Author: Sarah “Ceres” Guthrie, Commander

Purpose of EVA: The purpose of this EVAs is to test the adaptive rescue vest on KURT (test dummy) with the rescue sled hilled and rocky surfaces. This location was chosen for the scenario where incapacitated astronaut would have fallen into a ravine that can not be accessed by a rover. The crew will save “KURT” from the river bed at the base of the hill and return him to the rover parked on Cow Dung Road (N4251500, E518800). NOTE: More time is requested (30min+) as the trek through the ravine took more time than anticipated in EVA #9.

Start time: 10:00am

End time: 12:00pm

Narrative: Additional crew members performed an EVA with the adaptive rescue vests with a medical sled, at the ravine at Gateway of Candor. They dragged KURT (~80 lbs) to the destination via a medical sled. The sled continues to perform well over the various terrain features (soft riverbed and rock), however it did develop a small hole caused by abrasion. The crew also simulated an incapacitated astronaut injury using KURT (a dummy) who fell from the hill, by placing him on the side of the hill slope. They tested the rescue vest, simulating a pressurized suit stance, lifting KURT at different points. Each member of the crew performed a single-person and two-member rescue configuration bringing him to the top of the hill and down different slopes via the lifting KURT at different connection points and placing KURT on the sled. They then practiced single-person and two-member carry of the sled and walked back to the rover. This test was to evaluate the performance of the sled over Martian like terrain, which was not done in previous analogs as the terrain provides insight to the challenges of performing a rescue. The rescue vest improved the ease of lifting KURT from the surface which was engineered from lessons learned in past analog settings.

Destination: Gateway of Candor

Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): N4251500, E519500

EVA Participants: Sarah Guthrie (Crew Commander), Tyler Hines (Greenhab), Alexis Lojek (Crew Engineer), Tony DiBernardo (Journalist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: EVA #10 traveled north on Cow Dung Road to Gateway to Candor.

Mode of travel: Walking and Rovers (Spirit & Opportunity)

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