Journalist Report – February 12th



Sol 0 – From one planet to another

Crew 275 has safely arrived at the Mars Desert Research Station! Seeing the Hab suddenly appear from behind the ridge after a year of preparation and anticipation gave the crew the most wonderful feeling: our objective and dream was standing before us, just as we had studied and imagined it.

As we eased into this new environment, Sol 0, the pre-simulation training session, could begin.

Sergii, Assistant Director, and Donald, Site Manager of the MDRS showed us all the facilities (GreenHab, Musk Observatory, Science Dome, etc.) and their specificities, and trained us to prepare for an EVA: reading the map, choosing a destination, suiting up, and operating the rovers. Before sunset, we all drove them out to Marble Ritual for the crew to get the hang of them.

Enjoying our last few moments out in the open, we also had the opportunity to gather some drone footage of the station and record a video to present the facility to our French audience.

Tomorrow morning, we will close the Hab airlock… and officially land on Mars!

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