EVA Report – March 7th

Crew 275 EVA Report 07-03-2023

EVA # 19

Author: Alexandre VINAS (Crew Astronomer and HabCom)

Purpose of EVA: Change of batteries for all the atmospheric instruments, as well as data retrieval. Then, we will go to North Ridge with the journalist team in order to showcase a typical exploration scenario, based on week #2 photogrammetry experiment

Start time: 10:36

End time: 12:15


10:36 – Airlock closed

10:46 – EVA Crew leaves the MDRS, with a crew of 2 journalists from the French TV

10:54 – EVA Crew arrives at the destination. All the instruments are going well.

11:15 – Batteries of LOAC and MegaAres changed, data retrieved

11:02 – Retrieving of the data, change of the batteries of PurpleAir

11:18 – Retrieving of the data, and change of the batteries of the field mill

11:23 – EVA crew leaves the instruments and goes to North Ridge in order to showcase the photogrammetry experiment to the journalists

11:40 – EVA crew requests an extra time of 20 minutes to mission support for the EVA. Request approved.

12:05 – EVA crew back to the MDRS

12:15 – End of the depressurization, EVA crew back in the hab

Destination: Between the Hab and Marble Ritual near the road.

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N4251000 E518500

Participants: EVA Leader: Quentin Royer (Crew Engineer), Jeremy Rabineau (Commander)

HAB COM: Alexandre Vinas (Crew Astronomer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive Cow Dung Road 0110 to a place just before Marble Ritual, then to North Ridge (see map on the attached picture)

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

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