Operations Report – March 10th

Crew 275 Operations Report 10Mar2023
SOL: 26

Name of person filing report: Quentin Royer
Non-nominal systems:
• Toilet
• Spacesuit n°9
• Robotic observatory

Notes on non-nominal systems: None.

Spirit rover used: No
• Hours: 210.1
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

Opportunity rover used: No
• Hours: 114.0
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

Curiosity rover used: Yes
• Hours: 222.0
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: 90%
• Currently charging: Yes

Perseverance rover used: Yes
• Hours: 256.3
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: 85%
• Currently charging: Yes

General notes on rovers: Nothing to report.

Summary of Hab operations: The Crew conducted routine operations. An emergency depressurization protocol was simulated, and an emergency EVA was conducted, with Mission Support’s approval.
• WATER USE: 12.87
• Water: 317.24 gallons
• Static tank pipe heater: On
• Static tank heater: On
• Toilet tank emptied: Yes

Summary of internet: Starlink (MDRSCampus-Guest) is used during COMMS and during the day for emails and to handle the medical emergency. MDRScampus is used for experimental purpose.

Summary of suits and radios: One of the metal wires linking the collar to spacesuit n°4 broke. We replaced it with a small metal wire, as there doesn’t seem to be any long metal wires left.

Summary of GreenHab operations: The Crew botanist conducted routine operations and emptied the aquaponics system.
• WATER USE: 2.64 gallons
• Heater: On
• Supplemental light: No
• Harvest: 146 g of Iceberg salad – 125 g of “salad bowl” – 50 g of salad “salad blend” – 47 g of kale – 33 g of spinach – 18 g of basil

Summary of ScienceDome operations: No operations were conducted in the ScienceDome today.
• Dual split: Heat / From 10 pm to 7 am

Summary of RAM operations: No operations were conducted in the RAM today.

Summary of any observatory issues: The robotic observatory is non-nominal.

Summary of health and safety issues: None.

Questions, concerns, and requests to Mission Support:
• The lamp located on the right when entering the ScienceDome is missing a light bulb.

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