EVA Report – April 7th

Crew 279 EVA Report 07-04-2023

EVA # 5

Author: Agnès Dekeyser, Crew Executive Officer

Purpose of EVA:

EVA will be focused on conducting a number of experiments that will help us better understand the conditions on Mars. The crew will be exposing bacteria to the MDRS environmental conditions and comparing the results with their analog staying inside the MDRS. This will give us valuable insights into how microorganisms react to the harsh Martian environment and how we can potentially use this knowledge to support future human exploration of Mars.

Additionally, we will be launching a meteorological balloon to take some measurements of atmospheric pressure and temperature. These measurements will help us to better understand the weather patterns on Mars and how they may impact future missions to the planet.

Finally, we will begin our reportage with the parameters tested during the previous EVA. This will allow us to document our findings and share them with the scientific community back on Earth.

Support will be necessary for the installation of the balloon and especially the inflation of it. Which increases the number of people needed to 4.

Start time: 9h06

End time: 11h54


The crew began their journey with a sunny day and a lot of material to carry. Once everything had been loaded into the rovers, the crew drove to their mission destination. Once at North Ridge they had to wait a bit before beginning their mission because of the presence of Martians at the place of their stop. Once the Martians left the place, the crew began their ascent. They walked a little bit all around the North Ridge to find the best way to arrive at the top.

Once at the top, bacteria in their cuvette were placed at the more suitable place to stay for several days. They were attached to a rack with a sign mentioning “Please do not touch”. After that, the cuvettes were oriented to face the sun at any time of the day. One big rock was also placed on top of the rack to make sure that it won’t move during the next few days of exposure to Mars environmental conditions.

Several pictures were taken during the brave ascension of the crew with the heavy material. Once at the top, the crew took a few minutes to observe the view and take pictures despite the short time available due to the work needed to launch the meteorological balloon.

Then, the most ambitious part began : the meteorological balloon was filled with helium and closed very carefully as explained by the manufacturer. One martionaut was holding the balloon while the others were closing the opening using a colson. The latter were covered by tape to prevent them from scratching the ball. The cord was then attached to the opening with several nodes. The opening was folded in two and closed again using colson and tape. The sensor was then attached using the same cord and the balloon was dropped in the air. Some videos and pictures of the launching were taken for the reportage.

Bacteria and the balloon with the sensor attached to it will stay there until the next visit in two days to collect data and check bacteria.

The crew climbed down and took some pictures again before picking up the rovers. Once at the MDRS, they reported the parameters of the four rovers and made a last video of the entry of the crew in the airlock for the reportage.

Destination: North Ridge, because this is the place that the authorities (Utah Division of Aeronautics) have granted us to place our balloon.

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518500 E, 4251750 N

Participants: Agnès (XO, EVA Leader), Ioana (Engineer), Aglaé (Journalist), Gwen (Astronomer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110 to the cross with Gateway to Candor

Mode of travel: Driving on Cow Dung Road 0110 to the cross with Gateway to Candor then walking to the North Ridge.

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