EVA Report – April 14th

Crew 279 EVA Report 14-04-2023

EVA: #14

Author : Augustin Tribolet, Crew GreenHab

Purpose of EVA: For the EVA, we wanted to map further away from the station. This was to help us to complete the global map of the region which will be useful for future teams. This was Augustin’s last mapping, it is interesting for him to scan a region that has a rather flat relief compared to the previous ones that were more relevant.

We also wanted to measure radioactivity in that part of the region and collect some samples of a place we haven’t been to yet for analysis. Thomas briefed Ttele on how to use the scintillator before the EVA and this was to give information on how easy of use the scintillator is for a non-physicist. This information will be useful for our sponsor BeSure to help them make better instruments in the future. In the case that on the terrain the device turned out to not be intuitive enough to use by our astronauts, they were to collect samples to be analyzed upon return by a lab in our university. Ioana was there to assist Augustin by keeping eyes on the drone and to help Ttele with her measurements and collections. She was also to be useful for timekeeping and experiment coordination.

Start time: 9:40am

End time: 12:01pm


The 3 crew members took the rovers and arrived at their destination at 09h40. During this EVA, Charitum Montes was mapped for photogrammetry purposes. Ttele and Ioana used the scintillator successfully. At the end of the EVA, the drone’s connection was lost, which caused the drone to automatically retreat to its landing point. The team had to return to the launching point to retrieve Ingenuity. EVA ended at 12:01.

Destination: Charitum Montes

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518500 E, 4248250 N

EVA Participants: Augustin (EVA Leader) (Green Hab Officer), Ttele (HSO), Ioana (Crew Engineer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110

Mode of travel: Drive on Cow Dung Road 0110 to Zubrin’s Head then walking to Charitum Montes no further than 400m

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