Operations Report – May 1st

Crew 261 Operations Report 01-MAY-2023
SOL: 1
Name of person filing report: Julien Villa-Massone
Non-nominal systems:
· Cooling feature of fan in hab upper deck
· One side of the second-to-stair is failing
Notes on non-nominal systems:
· The Fan in the upper deck kitchen does not have water access and as a result, is not able to cool. This causes higher temperatures than ideal during the middle of the day. However, the temperatures are still livable. Going downstairs temporarily is an option to cool down.
· One side of the second-to-stair is failing: one segment of metal is broken. We are considering fixing this by adding a wood support like on the next stair step.
Spirit rover used: No
Currently charging: YES
Opportunity rover used: Yes
Hours: (before EVA) 122.5 (we need to recheck after EVA hours for accuracy)
Beginning charge: (Before EVA) 100
Ending charge: (On return from EVA, before recharging) 98
Currently charging: YES
Curiosity rover used: Yes
Hours: 232.0
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 94
Currently charging: YES
Perseverance rover used: Yes
Hours: 262.0
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 88
Currently charging: YES
General notes on rovers: EVA destination: 518687 / 4250789, meaning 600m one way / 1.2km both ways. We noticed a significant discrepancy between rovers on distance traveled vs. percent of battery used. Due to the very short distance traveled, this cannot be attributed to driving style or driving mode. This could be attributable to effective battery capacity varying from rover to rover (either due to battery design capacity or state of health).
Summary of Hab operations: Crew spent a nominal first day. Due to 2 crews sleeping on the mezzanine, it was decided to bring the safety lamp downstairs (ground floor) to lower its perceived brightness and enable sleep. Crew agreed to a quiet period from 10pm to 7am to ensure crew sleep quality (1 hour of wind down / evening routine + 8 hours of sleep).
WATER USE: 110 gallons indicated, probable 70 gallons actually used due to cylindrical shape of tank at the top
Water (static tank): 440 gallons indicated (probably 400-420 due to cylindrical shape on top)
Static tank pipe heater (on or off): off
Static tank heater (On or off): off
Toilet tank emptied: no
Summary of internet: nominal operation with good bandwidth and coverage
Summary of suits and radios: nominal operation for the 4 suits and radio used in the first EVA of the mission. Suit voltages were tested with a coarse multimeter, indicated 12 or 13 volts (integer only was indicated). A new multimeter from RAM may be needed next time for more precision.
Summary of GreenHab operations: First day for GreenHab officer. Watering was done 2 times (at 13:00 and 19:00). Temperature reached 93.3°F, considered excessive for proper operation.
WATER USE: 12 gallons
Heater: Off
Supplemental light: Off
Harvest: No harvesting done today
Summary of ScienceDome operations: Photobioreactor was assembled and plugged to mains power. Electrical and program commissioning completed successfully. Media for the photobioreactor has been partially prepared. – A Biostimulation experiment has been organized.
Dual split: Off
Summary of RAM operations: (Tools used, work done) Crew Robotics Engineer used the RAM for testing but was unable to continue operation in this building after a few hours, due to excessive temperature causing hyperthermia symptoms. Crew members decided to move to the Hab ground floor where cool space is available.
Summary of any observatory issues: Telescope and software have been checked in the context of preparation for solar imaging on the next day. Equipment was found to be available to start with image processing on the next day.
Summary of health and safety issues: 2 cases of hyperthermia symptoms. Due to the possible confidentiality of these issues, no further detail was gathered by the author. Please review the HSO report for more information.
Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:
· Request guidance on which measuring tape can be used to measure water supply.

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