Commander Report – May 15th

Crew 281 Commander’s Report 15-05-2023
SOL: 1
Commander: Megan Kane
Sol 1, the first day of Team Pegasus’s mission. The crew started waking at dawn, excited for the first day on Mars. Many activities were planned and conducted. Some went as planned, others not so much. However today was a success as we learned, adapted and began settling into the mission.
During our first EVA’s we tested the geotechnical equipment and the procedures that are the bedrock of our crew scientist’s mission. Learning a lot in the process. A soup lunch was followed by an afternoon of habitat tasks and experiment setup culminating in a delicious dinner of quesadillas dipped in the leftover soup.
After a full evening of filing reports and consolidating photos we plan to rest before launching into Sol 2.
Commander Kane signing off.

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