GreenHab Report – May 15th

Crew 281 GreenHab Report 15 May 2023
GreenHab Officer: Megan Kane
Environmental control: fan with door open
Average temperatures: 88.6
Hours of supplemental light: None
Daily water usage for crops: 3.43 gallons
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: NA
Water in Blue Tank 176.57 gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops:
Watered herb, cucumbers and tomato buckets on the left side of the greenhouse at 0947. Took approximately 5 minutes.
Between 1345 and 1442.
Changes to crops:
There were no noticeable change to the plants. It was noted that all of the tomatoes show some amount of nutrient deficiency.
In the morning the greenhab was checked and it was noted that many of the plants soil was still saturated. In the afternoon the tomatoes were harvested and the passive watering system installed in approximately half of the planters. Overall, 10 terracotta watering spikes with 500mL bottles attached were set up to supply water as needed to the plants in their planters. All plants were watered with fertilizer due to noticeable nutrient deficiencies in the tomatoes and other plants.

Harvest: (include which crop and mass in grams)
Tomatoes 60 harvested for a total of 252 grams and an Average Mass of 0.238095g per tomato.
Support/supplies needed:

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