Journalist Report – May 16th

Crew 281 Sol 2 Journalist Report 16 May 2023

Setting the Scene for Science!

By: Rachel Jones

Sol 2: 16 May 2023

Sol 2 on Mars. Today started with a multiple mission EVA. Ritupriya, Ana, and myself conducted a close range EVA around the areas immediately surrounding the habitat. Ritu conducted drone surveillance of the area. Ana looked for a suitable area to deploy her geotechnical robotic device in a later mission. My goal was to look at the area where the amateur radio antenna was previously deployed. Then a final team goal was to pick up debris surrounding the Hab. We collected 38 grams of debris! Overall it was a mission success.

Ritu was in charge of meals and hab support for Sol 2. Afternoon consisted of a wonderful Ramen lunch, followed by multiple report writing. I had cleaning duty and tried to ensure our EVA ready room remained as clean as possible. Utah dirt is not unlike Georgia clay. (Growing up on Flat Creek Ranch has prepared me well.) Megan is growing chocolate in the grow tent. Her research goal focuses on lurxary crops for space food production. (People will definitely want chocolate and Coffee on Mars.) Ana gathered all her materials for a long EVA tomorrow. KC designed and built an experimental air flow diverter for the Green Hab. Previously, Megan had rigged an experimental Terra Cotta watering system in the Green Hab. It’s taking a lot of effort from Megan and KC to keep the plants alive in the extreme Utah desert heat.

The night ended with a chickpea curry and rice dinner. (So good) Lots of discussion on future research and collaborations happened over dinner. We also thought of our team morale Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign which should start soon. Finally, the evening centered on report writing. There are over 6-8 daily reports that have to be submitted, revised, then re-submitted.

Another successful day on Mars!

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