Sol Summary – May 24th

Crew 281 Sol Summary Report 24 May 2023
Sol: 10
Summary Title: Drones and winds
Author’s name: Ritupriya Patil (XO) and Megan Kane (Commander)
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
The EVA crew went out 0905 hrs and checked the Rovers before heading to the radio antenna. After assessing the antenna and making sure it was working properly the crew moved on to near the science dome. From within the observatory Ritu (XO) commenced the drone payload tests. Six flights were planned. Only 2 were completed due to the wind conditions. During the second flight the drone was able to successfully deliver the payload to the simulated injured astronaut. Unfortunately, winds started gusting while the drone was returning, and it took effort to land it inside the Musk Observatory fence. Which resulted in a minor accident and slight damage to the propellers of the drone causing one of the leading edges to dent. We would like to recommend installation of a windsock for continuous wind information to help mitigate such accidents.
After the drone tests were completed, the EVA crew did a short external inspection of the hab documenting any visible issues. No safety issues were found. Minor findings will be added to the final inspection report.
After the EVA, Ritu made cheddar broccoli and rice casserole. Feeling some exhaustion over the days of EVA, research, and other activities the crew took some afternoon time off to rest. Megan (Commander) and Ritu then began prep for pizza dough for dinner, which turned out great given the dryness and higher altitude at MDRS. After a delicious pizza dinner, the crew jumped in on report writing.
Rachel (HSO) made further progress in contacting other stations on her ham radio station and got clearance to join the Old Man International Side Band Society!
In the Green hab, Megan harvested cucumbers, chives and tomatoes (that went into the yummy pizza sauce!). KC continued his magic to keep the hab running without any problems. There were no operations in the RAM today.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will do 3-person, long range EVA to Barrainca’s Butte. On our way back if the winds cooperate we will stop at Marble Ritual for images of scanlines that were measured on earlier EVAs.
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Winds and thunder
Crew Physical Status: Nominal
EVA: Completed 1 today
Reports to be filed:
Greenhab Report
EVA Report
EVA Request
Ops Report
Journalist Report
Photo of the Day

Support Requested:
Mission support is requested in case of storms if the antenna needs to come down or be retrieved.

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