Supplemental Operations Report – November 5th

Name of person filing report: Sergii Iakymov
Reason for Report: Routine
Non-Nominal Systems: Rovers: Perseverance, Curiosity, Spirit, Sojourner. A tunnel stick on the right from the rear airlock.

Power system:
Solar: Nominal.
SOC Last 24 hours: Max 100%; Min 19 %; Avg 54.4%.
VDC Last 24 hours: Max 58.58V; Min 43.59V; Avg 50.65V.
Generator run time: 3928.8 hours. Oil changed on 11/05/2023

Propane Readings:
Station Tank: 79%
Director Tank: 82%
Intern Tank: 85%
Generator Tank: 80%"

Hab Static Tank – 347 gallons
GreenHab – 168 gallons
Outpost tank – 350 gallons
Science Dome – 0 gallons
Hab Toilet Tank emptied: Yes

Sojourner rover used: No.
Hours: 195.4
Beginning Charge: 100 %
Ending Charge: 100 %
Currently Charging: Yes
Notes on Rovers: All rovers still waiting for all parts to arrive.

ATV: ATV’s Used: None. Nothing to report.

Hab Car used and why, where: To Hanksville for supplies. Need to be serviced.
Crew Car used and why, where: To Hanksville for supplies.
General notes and comments: All cars awaiting renewed insurance ID.

Summary of Internet: All nominal.
EVA suits and radios:
Suits: All nominal
Comms: All nominal

Campus wide inspection, if action taken, what and why: One tunnel stick on the right from the rear airlock is corroded out at the ground level and needs to be replaced.
Summary of Hab Operations: Toilet tank level sensors need to be cleaned from toilet paper.
Summary of GreenHab Operations: All nominal
Summary of SciDome Operations: All nominal
Summary of Observatories Operations: Robotic observatory had a mount error but currently is operational. Solar observatory but nominal.
Summary of RAM Operations: Remote temperature sensor for smart home systems is offline. Most likely due to the battery being dead and it needs to be relocated to avoid touching metal walls.
Summary of Outpost Operations: Directors trailer thermostat was randomly offline three times. A new one is ordered to diagnose this issue.
Summary of Health and Safety Issues: All nominal.

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