GreenHab Report – November 4th

GreenHab Officer: Andres David Reina
Environmental control: (heater, fan, door open?)
Open door: 9:30 am:
-     Temperature: 30,11C
-     Humidity:10%
Close door: 18:05
-     Temperature: 23,8C
-     Humidity: 10%

Hours of supplemental light: None
Daily water usage for crops: 2.5 gallons.
Water in Blue Tank 168.94 gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops: n/a
Changes to crops: A slight growth in the tomato crop. Two existing germinations with an average size of 2.5 cm in height. Growth is observed in cucumber, carrots and lettuce crops.

– The Greenhab door opened at 9:30 am. Environmental measurements of temperature and relative humidity were taken. The GreenHab was checked and watered. The average temperature and humidity on the day was approximately 26.95 C and constant humidity 10%.
Below you can find some images about the condition of the crops and the condition of the soil for planting. The distribution of the crops planted is also shown.

Support/supplies needed:
- According to the planting requirement. Rocket Garden Green Salad is missing from existing seed inventory. Please confirm if this type of seed is required or another type can be planted.

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