EVA Report – November 13th

Crew 286 EVA #1 report 13-NOV-2023
EVA #1
Author: Roger Gilbertson
Purpose of EVA: To carry out our first EVA to Marble Ritual in order to learn and practices operations, and usage of spacesuit, photo and video equipment, and general EVA methodology.
Start time for EVA: 11:30 am
End time for EVA: 1:00 pm
Narrative: Getting prepared took longer to complete than expected. Departure was additionally delayed slightly when one rover was not unplugged. Mission support provided an extension to the excursion time by 30 minutes. Time was spent learning proper and effective radio communications.
Lidar Scanning – Performed three successful low-res landscape scans at several exterior locations. Used iPhone 14 and PolyCam Pro app software. Locations were selected that showed effects of water erosions. Other sites showed details of selected rock formations. Attention was paid to operator position to minimize shadows. Software requires processing in the field.
Photo and video – Captured using iPhone and Android phones, and Sony Alpha camera.
360 Video – Captured using Insta360 One RS 1inch.
Aerial drone photography – Captured using Ascend Aeronautics ASC 2600. Test flights were of limited time to increasing breezes aloft.
Challenges arose from headsets slipping, as they were worn without caps. Caps will be worn on future missions. As walking paths went behind various berms radio reception varied, and signal tests were conducted as people moved in and around outcroppings.
The team forgot to bring the LoRa GPS modules. The team forgot to record the hours and state of charge when powering up the rovers. A small tripod was inadvertently dropped during the EVA. Crew stopped briefly for rehydration during EVA. Sunblock needs to be worn.
Destination: Marble Ritual
Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): (518799,4250996)
EVA Participants:
• Liz Cole
• Scott Beibin
• Donald Jacques
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: N Cow Dung Rd, parking point WSG (518606,4251022)
Mode of travel: We will drive to N Cow Dung Rd to the parking point (518666,4251022), then we will walk to Marble Ritual (518799,4250996). Then we will walk back to the vehicles and return to the HAB.
Vehicles used: Spirit, Curiosity

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