Sol Summary – November 13th

Sol: 01
Summary Title: “First Day, First EVAs”
Author’s name: Roger Gilbertson
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: We completed EVA training in the early morning, after a crew meeting. We conducted a 3-person EVA-1 in the morning, which proved to take more time than anticipated, due to “learning curve”. Photo, video, 360 video, and drone aerial video were successfully captured. A small tripod was inadvertently dropped during the EVA.
In the afternoon, preparation for EVA-2 went more smoothly, and a patterned search for the missing small tripod was mounted. The tripod was successfully located and retrieved. Documentary footage was captured.
On both missions, short periods of mindful appreciation were conducted, in recognition of our amazing experiences here, and our enjoyable and growing team.
Inside the hab, we are conducting labeling operations, and preparing for science experiments was done in the chemical hood. Test of hydrogen production to be conducted this evening.
Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we plan to conduct two more EVAs, one to collect soil samples in support of a previous MDRS mission.
Anomalies in work: none
Weather: nominal
Crew Physical Status: nominal
EVA: EVA 1 and 2 completed today, requests for EVA 3 and 4 submitted for tomorrow
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist report, Photos, Operations report, Green Hab report, EVA 1 Summary, EVA 2 Summary, EVA 3 Request, EVA 4 Request.
Support Requested: We are hoping for the arrival of two FedEx packages tomorrow.

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