EVA Report – November 14th

Crew 286 EVA #3 report 14-NOV-2023
EVA # 3
Author: Roger Gilbertson
Purpose of EVA: To explore and test sites for future hi-res LIDAR scanning and outdoor music performance.
Start time for EVA: 2:30 pm
End time for EVA: 4:35 pm
Narrative: Getting prepared was more efficient, thanks to lessons leaned from EVA 1 and 2, and the newly drafted EVA checklist. GPS monitors were worn by two crew members. The crew reported what seemed to be a rapid drop in remaining vehicle charge during their drive south. Curiosity was at 65% and Perseverance at 62% even with modest driving speeds. Due to that, they stopped their drive in the vicinity of Zubrin’s Head, and short of the intended Barrainca Butte walking path.
The afternoon EVA 3 departed about 30 minutes late and unfortunately the crew “assumed" a 30 minute extension without specifically requesting one from Mission Support. The EVA drove south on Cow Dung Road, noting a rapid drop in both vehicle’s state of charge. Communications became intermittent due to increasing distance from the repeater. One EVA crew member’s radio seemed to stop working, so they resorted to remaining close together in order to use gestures and shouting. CapCom was not notified of the radio problem until after the end of EVA.
Photo were captured using iPhone and documentary video was captured by professional Panasonic EVA-1, with audio recording via separate a Zoom H8 microphone on a stand, which also recorded sound of the radio coms. LIDAR scans were performed near the vicinity of Zubrin’s Head. A series of scans were collected using a iPhone 13 and NeRF (Neural Radiance Field) software to build 3D models.
The crew returned to the habitat at precisely 4:30 and entered the airlock at 4:35.

Destination: Barrainca Butte (not achieved), Zubrin’s Head reached.
Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): Barrainca Butte (518799,4250996)
EVA Participants:
• Scott Beibin
• Liz Cole
• Hugo Saugier

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: South on Cow Dung Road, to area of Zubrin’s Head (4247500, 520000), park and perform scans in the area. Retrace route back to Hab.
Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles you will be using: Curiosity, Perseverance

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