Journalist Report – November 14th

by Liz Cole

SOL: 2

The day begins with more efforts to conserve water in the HAB. A new system of washing dishes following crew meals is put in place with the intention of the crew using less water over the course of the mission. So far the new washing system seems to be achieving its intended goal. Over the course of the mission, the daily reports of water usage will give us more insight.

Over the morning meeting, the crew discusses their priorities for the rest of the mission. We discuss how to set the days schedule so that all members of the crew can organize their time and accomplish their goals during the mission.

Reflecting on the experience of preparing and returning from Sol 1’s EVAs, the crew discussed began drafting a step-by-step checklist for every action involved in preparing for EVAs and returning from EVAs. To further streamline the process of getting into sim suits, the crew used the three stations in the main downstairs room to setup each suit system in advance of EVAs.


The XO began his targeted planting in the Green Hab. He prepared fertilizer water for all plants, planted additional items, and a light watering for newly placed seeds. The plant growth in the GreenHab is encouraging so far.

In the Science Dome, lab preparations continue for the experiment involving CO2 fixation by purple bacteria for space food production while waiting for the Ph meter to arrive.

Crew Commander analyzed soil samples collected on EVA 2 to determine if they contained any carbonates. He applied HCI and NaOH to small samples of the soil after the samples were crushed and sifted.

Crew members of the days only EVA (EVA 3) prepared for the afternoon excursion by setting up equipment and imaging devices. EVA 3 focused on LIDAR and NeRF scanning of an area in the vicinity of Zubrin’s Head, and short of the intended Barrainca Butte walking path. Photos, documentary video, NeRFs, and LiDAR scans were successfully captured.

The crew eats dinner during a granularly specific planning session of the rest of the week’s EVAs. Following challenges the crew of EVA 3 experienced during the afternoon EVA, the crew of EVA 3 spent the evening reviewing the EVA requirements and communication protocols. The Crew Scientist returned to the Science Dome to continue work on setting up for his experiment.

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