Journalist Report – November 27th

Sol #1
Title: First Day at Mars Analog Center
Journalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

Today, history was made as the world’s first Mars Analog Center welcomed the Alpha Crew 287. Stepping into the simulated Martian landscape felt like a thrilling leap into the unknown.

Led by Captain Dono, with experts like Geologist Davaa, Engineer Muggi, Health and Safety Officer Dulu, and Psychologist Tunga, our team began training.

Training and induction were skillfully guided by Ben and impressed everyone. The Science Dome, packed with instruments, promises exciting discoveries in our simulated Martian world.

As we embark on this analog Martian adventure, the Alpha Crew 287 eagerly anticipates the mysteries and adventures that await in this groundbreaking simulation.

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