Astronomy Report – December 5th

[category  astronomy-report]

Name: Enkhtuvshin “Dono” Doyodkhuu

Crew: 287

Date: 05 December 2023


Solar Features Observed: Sunspots. Solar flare/prominence—I’m not completely sure which one it is. I’ve had a very good view of it on the live feed of the camera, but I haven’t managed to capture a good image of it as a .jpg file. I’ll try out the other programs tomorrow and get a better look.

Images submitted with this report: See attached.

Problems Encountered: I am not able to bring out the granules no matter what I try. It seemed simple enough looking from the video tutorials. I’ve tried tweaking the exposure, gain, brightness, and the tuners in a variety of ways. I’ve also tried tweaking the focus with each option. Any advice and directions on this?

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