EVA Report – December 2nd

EVA Crew Lead: HSO Duluu
Team Members: Geologist Davaa, Psychologist Tungaa
CapCom: Engineer Muggi
Objective: Our mission was to reach and explore Overlook, take soil samples for geological and microbiological work, utilizing drone technology for remote reconnaissance and surveying areas inaccessible by foot or rover.

Weather Conditions: The weather was favorable, with cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from -4 to 7 degrees Celsius, conducive to outdoor exploration activities.

Activities and Observations:

The EVA began at 11:00 a.m., with our team navigating the terrain in the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
We haven’t successfully reached the Overlook, but arrived at Brahe HWY which presented a landscape strikingly similar to the Gale crater.
Due to the drone’s restricted remote control range of 2 km, we were unable to track it to Brahe. Nonetheless, we commenced recording from Cowboy Corner.
During the extravehicular activity (EVA), the EVA team aimed to evaluate the rover’s battery capacity by reaching a targeted level of 48 percent. Following this, we temporarily left the rover to explore more extensively and gathered soil samples.
Upon returning to base at 12:30 p.m., we noted the Spirit still had 32% battery left, and Opportunity had 31% of capacity.
Challenges and Solutions:

Battery Concerns: Yesterday there was more snow in the highlands, so our path was quite muddy. Our drivers geologist Davaa and psychologist Tungaa were proficient at handling this situation.
Communication Disruption: Today, we did not experience any specific contact loss. However, there was a connection interruption on the far side of the hill, situated beyond Cowboy Corner, in summary.
Conclusion and Next Steps: The outcome of EVA was geological samples for experiments for building blocks. We were inspired by such a beautiful scene of Mother Nature which helps us understand how lucky we are to have her on Earth and even on Mars. Our engineer made such amazing videos and pictures by drone. Now our geologist and engineer have experience using drones.

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