Sol Summary – December 22nd

Sol: 12
Summary Title: Cleaning Day, Last Day
Author’s name: Jilian Welshoff
Mission Status: Complete
Sol Activity Summary:
Crew 288 started the final day off at 7:30AM for a breakfast of spam fried rice AGAIN made by Hunter (GEO). It was a delicious meal and great final breakfast for our crew. The day was a slow but efficient one, with cleaning and rental car pickup. But first, we got to take our first walks out of simulation outside the HAB and enjoy some fresh air. It was a nice conclusion to simulation and we were greeted by Sergii, our director.
After that nice moment, it was back to work. Jesus and Hunter set off to Grand Junction to pickup our new spaceship (a Honda van), while the rest of the crew got to cleaning. Riley (XO) and Jilian (HSO) tackled the food inventory and cleaning the upper deck while jamming out to music, Ryan (GHO) took care of the Greenhab plants and all the cleaning tasks. Lipi (JOU) and Cesare (CMD) took on the Science Dome, mopping and cleaning and checking tasks off the list. They had some time to pack and eat lunch of assortments of leftovers before getting back to cleaning. They finished their mopping and checks for the day then were able to take their final showers!
At last Jesus and Hunter returned with the “Astrovan” and wolfed down some snacks before the crews big final dinner at the Burger Shak. They happily ate their burgers and shakes then headed home to finish cleaning and writing their final reports to conclude their mission.
Look Ahead Plan: Looking forward to returning to Earth
Anomalies in work: Crew car not fixed
Weather: Cloudy overcast day with some rain at night
Crew Physical Status: Awesome
EVA: “EVA” to Grand Junction
Reports to be filed: Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Sol Summary, Astronomy Report, Photos, Mission Summary Report, Research Report
Support Requested: None

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