EVA Report – December 25th

EVA Report #01
Author: Eshaana Aurora
EVA Date: 25th December 2023
Start time: 1405
End time: 1459

Purpose of EVA:
Training EVA to familiarize crew members with rover operation, suits, and navigation

The Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) commenced at 1405, led by Eshaana and Sara, with the participation of Aditya and Gabriel. The crew embarked on their Martian exploration utilizing the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, navigating from Cow Dung Road to the east, ultimately reaching the Marble Ritual. Spirit and Opportunity initiated the mission with full charges – Spirit at 100% and 239.3 hours, Opportunity at 100% and 152.1 hours. The crew’s primary objective included the completion of the Marble Ritual, followed by an eastward journey to acclimate themselves to the Martian terrain while navigating in EVA suits. Negotiating slopes cautiously, the team limited their incline to 20-25 degrees, skillfully ascending and descending the small hills near Marble Ritual. Throughout the mission, they captured photos and delved into the local geology, leading to the discovery of stunning petrified wood samples by Gabe and Aditya. The Martian landscape, although rugged, revealed unique beauty.
Upon reaching the Marble Ritual site, the crew encountered breathtaking views, diverse rock formations, and landscapes, contributing valuable insights into the geological aspects of Mars. The EVA progressed seamlessly as the team executed planned steps, ensuring both exploration and safety were prioritized, resulting in a resounding success. The crew returned to the Habitat (HAB) with Spirit at 72% charge and 239.6 hours, and Opportunity at 90% charge and 152.3 hours. The reentry process for the HAB commenced at 1459, concluding their Martian exploration.

Destination: Marble Ritual
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N518700, E4250800
Participants: Aditya Anibha (Crew Scientist), Sara Paule (Crew Journalist), Gabriel Skowronek (Crew Astronomer), Eshaana Aurora (Crew Geologist)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive North on Cow Dung Road and park at the side of the road. Then walk East 1-1.25 km.
Mode of travel: Driving and walking (Spirit and Opportunity)

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