Sol Summary – December 25th

Sol: 1
Summary Title: Sol One: Lots of Fun
Author’s name: Adriana Brown
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
Sol one began with a 7:30 am wake-up to prepare for training. Amazingly, Santa made it all the way to our Martian home and the crew woke up to small gifts under a miniature Christmas tree. While Eshaana (GEO) and Nathan (ENG) whipped up a breakfast of scrambled dehydrated eggs and potatoes, the rest of the crew completed some light stretching to help our muscles after long days spent in transit. Shortly after, we met Sergii and completed our MDRS training, including taking the rovers for a spin to Marble Ritual and a brief Nutella and graham cracker break. We took some team photos in front of the Hab and then sent our first EVA crew off to Marble Ritual at 2:00 pm, signifying the beginning of our sim. While Gabe (HSO), Aditya (SCI), Sara (XO), and Eshaana were having their first taste of the Martian terrain, Adriana (CO), Nathan, and Riya (GHO) set to work making lunch for the hungry EVA crew: pasta salad with a plethora of GreenHab-sourced veggies and dehydrated mozzarella cheese. After lunch, the crew members dispersed to begin setting up their various research projects and complete chores around the Hab. Aditya worked on his robot, E.L.F. (Electronic LeapFrog), while Nathan worked on sensors that will monitor different states of the MDRS campus, building on his research project that was started during Crew 288’s rotation. On the upper deck, Eshaana planned out future EVAs, Gabe vacuumed, and Sara and Adriana tackled Mt. Dirty Dishes, with Sara developing an extra-water efficient method. Meanwhile, Riya tended to plants in the GreenHab and repotted a few of the residents (radishes and broccoli). As the crew prepares for their Christmas evening, Adriana is baking her apple pie (made from purely Martian ingredients!) and Sara is putting the finishing touches on her delicious-smelling risotto. On this Christmas night, the Hab is cozy and full of excitement for the coming sols. We will all go to bed tonight with visions of sugar plums and cool rocks dancing in our heads.
Look Ahead Plan: Complete training EVA #2 tomorrow and later use the drone to scout areas for Aditya’s robotics testing (potential EVA #3)
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: A beautifully clear day, very sunny
Crew Physical Status: Well-rested and excited
EVA: EVA #1 to Marble Ridge completed
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Commander’s/Journalist’s Report and photos, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, EVA Report, EVA request, Mission Plan, reformatted crew bios
Support Requested: None

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