EVA Report – January 1st

EVA Report #09
Author: Eshaana Aurora
EVA Date: 1st January 2024
Start time: 1205
End time: 1419
Purpose of EVA:
LiDAR imaging of Kissing Camel Ridge
Taking LiDAR images of Kissing Camel Ridge using an elevated monopod.
The first, entirely female, Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) commenced at 1205, led by Riya (Greenhab Officer) with Sara (Executive Officer/ Crew Journalist), Adriana (Crew Commander), Eshaana (Crew Geologist). The crew embarked on their Martian exploration by making an initial stop in front of the Hab to take an in depth LiDAR scan utilizing the elevated monopod and the Polycam IOS app. The EVA crew took turns and walked around with the elevated monopod taking scans around the RAM, the Hab, Greenhab, Science Dome, Observatory and the Solar Panels. The single scan, which turned out to be quite vivid post processing, took about 40 minutes.
Subsequently, the crew set out for the second stop, Kissing Camel Ridge utilizing the Curiosity and Spirit rovers, navigating from Cow Dung Road to the south until reaching Kissing Camel Ridge. Curiosity and Spirit initiated the mission with full charges – Curiosity at 100% and 262.5 hours, Spirit at 100% and 240.0 hours.
After parking the rovers on the side of the road, at Kissing Camel Ridge Road, the team started scanning yet again but this time instead of a singular LiDAR scan the crew also captured two 360 degree photo scans as well, of the beautiful landscape. The crew also found frozen Martian lakes! The top of the lake surfaces had an interesting chocolate bar texture further escalating the crew’s hunger pangs. With a quick few scans and after collecting a few beautiful rocks around the ridge, especially some colorful petrified wood the team traveled back to the rovers around 1407. The team returned to the Habitat with Curiosity at 56% charge and 262.7 hours, and Spirit at 57% charge and 240.2 hours. The reentry process for the HAB commenced at 1419, concluding the Martian exploration.
This EVA involved meticulous planning, organization and time tracking to ensure the LiDAR scans were efficiently and successfully completed during the limited excursion time. Overall, the EVA was executed with a resounding success with exploration, research and safety properly balanced and prioritized.
Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N 518300, E 4249500
Participants: Adriana Brown (Commander), Eshaana Aurora (Crew Geologist), Riya Raj (Greenhab Officer), Sara Paule (Crew Journalist)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: First stop will occur outside the Hab itself after which the crew will take rovers and drive south on Cow Dung Road 0110 until Kissing Camel Ridge
Mode of travel: Driving and Walking (Spirit and Curiosity)

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