GreenHab Report – January 14th

Crew 290 GreenHab Report 14-01-2024 (Sol 7)

Greenhab Officer: Ben Kazimer

Heater cycled throughout day due to warm weather but is currently on, fan off, door closed

Average temperatures: 0925: 77.4⁰F, 25%, 1648: 63.5⁰F, 28%

Hours of supplemental light: 4.5 (4 overnight and ½ from watering after sunset)

Daily water usage for crops: 7 gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: None!

Water in Blue Tank 151.05 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops:

0925: 5 gallons watering, ½ gallon misting, 1257: ¼ gallon misting, 1648: ¼ gallon misting, 1833: 1 gallon watering

Changes to crops: rearranged tomatoes and cucumbers for more separation on main planter table, also trimmed their leaves


Woahhhhhhh we’re halfway there! While the plants did not listen to any Bon Jovi this sol, Crew 290 is halfway through our rotation. The plants seemed a bit melancholic with stressed leaves, but the fruit looked great so I’m chalking that up to yestersols dosage of Rat Pack (+ Louis Prima) vocals. To remedy the leaves, the cucumbers and tomatoes did another Martian shuffle today, this time to increase separation between pots as branches and leaves were getting a little too close for everyone’s comfort. This did come with the price of my observation bench as I needed more planter real estate, but I am willing to make such sacrifices for the increased health of these plants. During the afternoon check-in, I noticed Tomato No.4 is really excelling after previous struggles! They are the Sol 7 rising star, winning the title “Comeback Kid”. I also made sure all the herbs were staying in their designated growing regions and did my best to reduce any physical altercations. Finally, I added a little compost to Riya’s spinach, mint, and onion to encourage growth (the onions are doing great!).

Harvest: None :/

Support/supplies needed: None!

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