Commander Report – January 28th

Sol: 7
Summary Title: A day of rest
Author’s name: Andrew Wheeler
Summary: Today was a down day for the 291 crew after spending a hectic and tiring 6 days climbing up the ridges and through the gullies surrounding the MDRS. Personal time to wash and clean clothes and a well deserved (though very short) shower was the order of the day. However it didn’t turn out that way. One crew member reported in with a severe migraine and another with a stomach upset. As for the rest of us, it was a quiet day mindful of our colleagues. Though the day dawned crisp (-5C) and clear, high cirrus cloud ruined any chance for astronomer Rob obtaining clear observations of the sun after missing out for most of last week. With the assistance of Clare during an early morning EVA, I returned the solar logger to its position outside the science dome, having recharged the battery to full. It should be good for a few more days. Whilst out on this EVA, we inspected the outside of the hab tunnels for micrometeorite damage and general state of repair.
In quiet mode, the mobile crew members discovered the Mars jigsaw puzzle and about completing the 999 piecer (it was a 1000 piece puzzle but the top left corner piece has disappeared!) to keep us occupied. In a herculean effort, the task was completed before dark and the back signed in accordance with the tradition. During dinner, an issue with the lower level gas heater was dealt with and reported to mission control.
As crew recover overnight, Sol 8 should see us refreshed for further exploration of the MDRS area and testing of robot equipment.

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