Sol Summary – January 18th

Crew 290 Sol Summary Report 18-01-2024

Sol: 11

Summary Title: MADMEN? MADMEN.

Author’s name: Madelyn Hoying

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Last night, the crew had a simulated emergency with fire alarms and acting from Mission Support (shout out to Ben Stanley). The crew responded well and completed the emergency protocol in under 45 seconds! This morning’s activity was a long EVA, with Freebee (Anja), Funk (Ben), and Roots (Anna) spending close to 4 hours in the field at Aonia Terra. With Melon (Madelyn) on CAPCOM, the crew successfully selected the sample site to fill the last terrain type needed for MADMEN. REMI had a successful outing too, collecting 11 different samples. Chopper (Rebecca) and Melon attempted to cook a pasta lunch for the crew, with some help from Funk on return from EVA. After lunch, Chopper and parts of the crew spent time in the Science Dome processing EVA samples. Freebee made chicken pot pie for dinner and the crew settled in for the last night in sim.

Look Ahead Plan: Last day of sim!

Anomalies in work: none

Weather: Cloudy

Crew Physical Status: nominal

EVA: 11

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, EVA Report

Support Requested:

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