EVA Report – February 26th

Crew 293 EVA Report 26Feb2024

EVA #006

Author: Yves Bejach (EVA Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Changing the batteries of the atmospheric instruments, creation of a 3D map by photogrammetry, choosing checkpoints to be reached during the next EVAs.

Start time: 9:14

End time: 12:32

Narrative: The EVA objectives were to first retrieve data from the atmospheric instruments, change the batteries and hopefully start the third instrument that was silent until then, then go to North Ridge to create a 3D map of the area and choose checkpoints.

9:14: Depressurization started

9:19: Out on Mars

9:21: Rovers are loaded

9:22: Opportunity: 164.4h, 100%

9:23: Perseverance: 284.6h, 75% -> change rover to Curiosity

9:25: Curiosity: 269.0h, 100%

9:27: Leaving the station

9:30: Arrived to atmospheric instruments’ site

9:43: Data collected, change batteries and try to troubleshoot the field mill

9:45: Field mill started measurements

9:52: Back to the rovers

9:54: Leaving the atmospheric site

9:59: Arrived at North Ridge, leaving the rovers

10:04: Setting up the drone

10:20: Start Scan Photogrammetry, mark checkpoints

10:33: Drone has landed, go to another hill

10:40: Drone flight again

11:04: Drone landed, change battery and will fly one more time

11:13: Moving to final destination

11:20: Beginning of the last flight of the drone

11:31: End of checkpoints, waiting for the end of photogrammetry

11:47: Drone has landed, going back to the rovers and taking pictures

11:58: Leave North Ridge with the rovers

12:02: Stop to take photos

12:13: Going back to the rovers

12:16: Leave the photo site with the rovers

12:22: Curiosity end charge: 57%, Opportunity end charge: 50%

12:23: Rovers plugged, unloading them

12:27: Pressurization started in the airlock

12:32: Pressurization over, Crew members back in the Hab

Destination: Atmospheric site: between the Hab and Marble Ritual and then East flank of North Ridge

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): Atmospheric Site: 518500,4251000 ; North Ridge: 518750,4251750

Participants: Yves Bejach, Leo Tokaryev, Mathurin Franck

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel: Curiosity Rover and Opportunity Rover and walking

Additional notes: A car parked near our rovers at some point during the EVA and someone went out of it to take pictures of North Ridge. He was quite far and left before we came back to the rovers so not a problem.

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