Journalist Report – February 27th

SOL 9: Draw me a mountain!

«Thus you can imagine my amazement, at sunrise, when I was awakened by an odd little voice. It said: "If you please–draw me a sheep!"


"Draw me a sheep!" » – The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The day started with a sports session, as usual. But this time, the workout was more focused on stretching. Indeed, after more than a week of intensive sports, we were glad to have a more restful session to stretch our muscles!

During the morning, Mathurin, our GreenHab Officer, spent a lot of time in the greenhouse. He goes to the GreenHab various times during the day to water, but this morning he spent time planting new plants, and moving the ones that had not enough space to grow well. For example, he planted basil because we like to add some in our dehydrated food! Every Crew member likes to go with Mathurin to the GreenHab from time to time: it is the brighter module of the station. Contrary to other modules, the GreenHab’s walls are kind of transparent, so sun rays filter through them. It is very hot sometimes in there, but the sensations remind us of Earth! Plus, being surrounded by plants and greens is very pleasant in our confined environment! During this time in the Hab, Yves continued working on the 3D maps for the photogrammetry EVAs of the week, while Léa and Marie started writing outreach articles about space missions. Lise was busy collecting our sensors’ data, it is very long: indeed, there is about 8 Go of data per Crew member just for the first week of the mission! For me, with Leo, we went through the different modules to shoot videos, in which each Crew member presents a part of the station.

For lunch, we had again a MELiSSA lunch: leek muffins! While they were cooking them, Lise and Leo did not find any muffin tin, so they made them with aluminum foil. But finally, during the afternoon, Lise was baking cookies and Yves opened a drawer below the oven and… found a muffin tin! This problem enabled us to learn that the Crew knows how to adapt and find solutions!

At the end of the afternoon, Léa and I prepared our EVA for tomorrow. With the 3D map generated thanks to photogrammetry, we identified checkpoints we will have to find tomorrow. In 45 minutes, we took notes, drew the landscape, and thought about our itinerary. The purpose is to compare our performances with the ones of another team, Marie and Lise. They will have to find the same checkpoints with a 2D map in a future EVA!

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