Astronomy Report – May 13th

[category  astronomy-report]

Name: Avery Abramson

Crew: 299

Date: 5/13/24

Robotic Observatory

Robotic Telescope Requested: MLC-RCOS16

Objects to be Imaged: BD-07 3632

Problems Encountered: None

Notes: Attached are the raw images and their bias and dark. I resubmitted the observation request per the instructions of Peter Detterline, the Director of Astronomy.

Musk Observatory

Solar Features Observed: TBD

Images: None

Problems Encountered: Needed additional emergency instructions from Peter for closing the dome; received his contact information from Mission Support. The Gamma setting in SharpCap was missing and the telescope could not be set to Hibernate. The only settings were Goto and Set. We attempted to troubleshoot the former to no avail, and for the latter we used Set instead of Hibernate. Please see attached.

Notes: None

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