Commander Report – November 11th

Yesterday night We had a meeting to clarify some points of our mission and try to improve our results in the next week in MDRS.

6h30m – I woke up.

6h42 – Planning.

6h53m – 8h23m – Walking 90 minutes: 8,6 km or 5,3 miles.

9h10m – Breakfast.

10h20m – Recycling some plastic bottles, and trying to fix something.

12h30m – Lunch: eggs and Hash brown potatoes.

13h – We debated about the mission plan, considering about each research plan. I consider that the main topic of our mission is the sustainability.

15h45m – Camila and Brandon prepared a banana cake.

16h22m 17h02 – Walking 40 minutes: 5,8 km or 3,6 miles. At total I walked today 130 minutes.

Today didn’t happened EVA.

17h20m – I’m working in my research related with sustainability in MDRS:

Sustainability in MDRS:

lessons to Mars research habitats and setlements

Researcher: Prof. Julio Francisco Dantas de Rezende, PhD.

This research searches to answer the question: the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) operation can be more sustainable? It is evaluated how environmental, economic, social and personal sustainability issues are presented and is also reflected how MDRS activities would collaborate to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), proposing some guidelines to sustainability. It is also important to ask: the results related to Mars would be applied to build a self-sustainable habitats in Earth, mainly in areas affected by climate change as deserts and semiarid regions as can be seen Brazilian Northeast? Reviewing the previous research done at MDRS not was identified any research related to sustainability. Because of that, this research presents a possible great impact to MDRS. It is a challenger identifies the main dimensions that would be considered to evaluates a Mars research station in terms of sustainability and would be considered the great relevance of this research for the future of design of process of future Mars settlements.

The research Sustainability in MDRS: lessons to Mars research habitats and setlements was considered in the Mission Plan prepared today.

19h – CapComm

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