Sol Summary – November 13th

MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 10

Summary Title: About pancakes.

Mission Status: We had discussed how long time and accuracy is necessary for to do pancakes.:) Sometimes, common circumstances, as prepare a meal and let everything fixed, would consume a great time. Less is more! Some activities had been shared between the crew members. Most of us are available to help each other in regular activities.

Sol Activity Summary: Regular operational activities; preparing meals; each crew member developing their researches; Julio Rezende doing physical activities; Tentative of Carmen and Brandon fix the water heater; EVA of Atila and Camila in front of the MDRS.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, We are planning an EVA with ATV in the region of Yellow Moon. Julio Rezende will be writing the data related with sustainability.

Anomalies in work:  Nope.

Weather: 7o C, 45o F

Crew Physical Status: Very well.

EVA: The EVA was close to MDRS. Atila and Camila collected some soil samples to a post-analysis.

Reports to be file:

Commanders Report

EVA #6 report

Daily Summary Report

Journalist Report

Biologist Report

Engineering Report

EVA #7 request

GreenHab Report

HSO Report

XSO Report

Support Requested: Nope.

Commander Report – November 13th

6h30m – Awake.

7h50m – 7h50m – 60 minutes walking: 5,6 km or 3,5 miles.

10h20m – 11h – EVA activity walking to collect more soil to a posterior analysis.

11h – Part of our crew is preparing pancakes.

12h – Camila and Brandon tried to fix the water heater, but they didn’t got.

14h30m – The crew is preparing the lunch.

15h – I just spend great part of my time reflecting about what dimensions would be considered about the sustainability study of a Mars analogue habitat. So, the following chart summarizes important key elements to be considered, evaluated in MDRS and propose some improvements about.

Chart 1 – Dimensions of the sustainability to be studied in MDRS

Environmental Sustainability – Activities of environmental education;

– Waste management practices;

– Save water practices;

– Procedures to save energy and use of renewable energy;

– Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Social sustainability – Education related to the research station management;

– Publication of reports;

– Quality of life;

– Equal distribution of activities between genres;

– Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

– Use of social media;

– Code of ethics or code of conduct;

– Social responsibility actions.

Personal sustainability – develop personal resilience strategies to achieve goals;

– maintenance of good mental condition;

– Health;

– team assistance and relationship;

– orientation to activities and tasks;

– Feeling of satisfaction or completude.

Economic sustainability – Operations and management of the simulation;

– Scientific process.

15h30m – Lunch.

16h20m – I walked 1h40m. Today I completed 10 miles, as yesterday. An average of 8 miles by day. This is part of my experiment related with personal sustainability. Apple Watch is providing the info that I supposed had burned more than 1000 calories.

19h – CapComm.

GreenHab Report – November 13th

Sol 10 – 13/11/2017

Green Hab Officer Atila Meszaros

Ambient: heating 50 F

Ambient with window/door open: door opened at 12:32; closed at 17:05

Shade cloth on/off: on

Average temperature:


Time 08:56 12:52 17:05 18:44
Temperature inside (°C) 28 38 17 17
Temperature outside (°C) 2 12 10 5
% Humidity 16 16 16 16

Changes to crops:  Crops keep growing! Check the Excel for more details.

Daily water usage for crops: 2 galons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 08:56 and 17:05

Changes to research plants: the amaranthus control keeps growing, mustards too!

Daily watering and amount of water used: 1 ½ L approximately



Hi, there, Graeme! Atila in here. I hope you are having an amazing night

The crops from the former experiment in the Green Hab (GH) keep growing. Shannon will have to give them a look because the tomato seedlings are like a pest! I can’t believe how many seedlings are. I hope Shannon give me some instructions regarding this issue. They are growing pretty respectable, though.

I’ve made an excel with all the data of the crops and research plants. It’s only 15 KB, so I’m attaching it to the report.Each square is a pot, I hope it gives you a nice view of the GH.

However, it will be probably easier if I make a Drive like the Excel document with the dates and number of emerging seeds. And this Drive can be used for future crews too. Let me know if you have like a Data Base where I can put this kind of data.

The analog soil is not becoming clay anymore, thanks to a more rigorous water treatment, so I’m waiting for the seedling to show on Wednesday.

I think that’s pretty much all, if you need more information about the GH I will be glad to send it to you.

Thank you for being there!

Have a beautiful night on Earth.

Support/supplies needed: none

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