Sol Summary – November 29th

Sol 2

Title: An Intriguing Find…

Written by: Brandon Ferguson

Mission Status: Good. Operations are Normal

Sol Activity Summary:

Today, I set off to explore the area to the South of Kissing Camel Range and West of Cow Dung Rd. First I investigated some of the washes crossing the road to see what I could find. In the first wash that I stopped in, I found pieces of petrified wood amongst other very interesting specimens. I’ll definitely have to explore this drainage basin later.

From there, I proceeded further south, until I reached a large wash near White Rock Canyon. I only walked about 2 minutes up, when I found a very large specimen that looked like mineralized bone marrow. Compared to the basalt ejecta littering the wash, this specimen looked completely different. The holes were all aligned in the same direction, and were about the same size. The basalt pieces had gas bubbles, but were of random size, with no obvious pattern. The size of the marrow was very large, with 3-4 mm spacing. If this was indeed a piece of a dinosaur bone, then that meant there is a very large dinosaur fossil somewhere in that drainage basin.

I left the specimen where I found it, planning to come back and visit later. After spending over 2 hours in this area, I didn’t find much more, though there is still quite a bit of ground to cover. I returned to the hab by around 2:00 PM, and informed Shannon on what I had found. On our way to town, we investigated the specimen that I had found in the wash. Shannon wasn’t sure what it was, but we confirmed that there weren’t any other rocks in that area that looked like it.  She figured that if it was indeed a remnant of a dinosaur bone, that it would have to come from a very large dinosaur, much larger than a Utahraptor or velociraptor. We plan on surveying this area further to see what we can find.

Soon after, we ran into town, found a socket wrench kit that would work with the bolts on the new rovers, and organized the next supply of food for Crew 184. We returned to hab after finishing our business in town.

Look Ahead Plan:

Tomorrow and the day after, I will be extensively searching the drainage basin where I found that specimen for large fossil exposures. Since Shannon told me that she hasn’t extensively explored this area, what I may find there could be very interesting.

Anomalies in work: No Problems

Weather: Clear, warm, calm winds

Crew Physical Status: OK, Healthy


Reports to be Filed:

-Operations Report

Support Requested: N/A

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