EVA Report – February 9th

Crew 188 EVA #14 Summary Report 09FEB2018

Author’s name: Julia DeMarines, Crew Astronomer, Green Hab Operator

Purpose of EVA: To perform additional video filming using either the GoPRO or Insta360 PRO camera on the ridge around the Hab. While walking, we will collect rock and plant samples for in-situ chlorophyll samples for analysis.

Location of EVA: Hab Ridge
UDM27 Coordinates: 12S, 5175750E, 54250500N

Number of EVA Crew: 3

Participants: Ryan Kobrick, Sarah Jane Pell, Julia DeMarines

EVA Commander: Julia DeMarines

Road(s) and routes per MDRS map:

1) Exit Hab and head to the hills directly west to the Hab

2) Walk to the Sagan Road

3) Climb to summit Hab Ridge

4) Follow the road on Hab Ridge Road as time allows

Mode of Travel: Walking

Vehicles you will be using (if applicable): None.

Duration: 2 hours 41 minutes

EVA Departure Time: 10:26

EVA Return Time: 13:07


We left the hab a little after the predicted time due to two last minute bathroom needs. The weather was sunny with some haze and no wind. The crew soon felt overheated, helmets/glasses were fogging up and had to stop frequently to let the sun burn off the fog. Once on the ridge, Julia selected two sites for chlorophyll detection samples, and Sarah Jane set up her Insta360º Pro camera for three different shots. Ryan recorded the journey on a GoPro camera to document the experience. Once our objectives were accomplished we turned around and walked back to the hab.

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