Sol Summary – February 19th

Crew 189 Sol Summary Report 19 Feb 2018

Sol 1

Summary Title: The day of Firsts

Author: Victoria Da-Poian

Mission Status: All nominal

Sol Activity Summary: First physical training, first EVA. We started our day by the very famous physical training of the ISAE Supaero crews. After a nice morning working on our mission planning, fixing our experiments, and getting ready for our first EVA, we had a nice lunch with our first dried vegetables. After the lunch, the all crew worked on the EVA preparation to help the ones going outside and to learn the EVAs functioning. The EVA went fine and we will deploy our experiments tomorrow. Our first bread is baking.

Look Ahead Plan: Because of the wind planned for today, only one part of the crew went out for an EVA in the Hab surroundings to select a location to deploy our air sensors, MegaARES and LOAC. Tomorrow the other part of the crew will go to their first EVA to deploy our experiments.

Anomalies in work: Water leak in the Hab Lower deck, broken fans in spacesuits, water boiler broken

Weather: Windy, cold in the station

Crew Physical Status: Fine, already a bit tired from the first physical training.

EVA: First one

Reports to be file:





Greenhab Officer

Astronomer Officer


Support Requested: new water boiler (please)

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