Greenhab Report – February 28th

Hello again Capcom,

Here is today’s greenhab report, coming from Jérémy:

GreenHab Report
28 Feb 2018

Environmental control:

(door closed)
Heating once the sun was down
80 % Shade cloth on

Average temperatures:
Around 37 °C at 10am, around 30 °C the rest of the day

Hours of supplemental light: from 7pm to 9pm

Changes to crops: Cute down all the overgrown tomato leaves to free some space and allow the plants to grow further

Daily water usage for crops: around 11 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 9:00 am and 7:20pm

Narrative: Today we put the 80% shade on all the GreenHab. We were four and it took us 2 hours, under the burning sun, it was a hassle. But Now it’s done, and it looks good. I worked quite a lot during the afternoon to take care of the plants. The GreenHab looks better day after day, makes me feel good.

Support/supplies needed: wooden sticks to support falling plants



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