GreenHab Report – May 25th

Greenhab Report

Dana Levin


Environmental control:


Shade cloth on

Average temperatures:

Low: 20C

High: 50C

Hours of supplemental light: none

Changes to crops: yup… still dead

Daily water usage for crops: n/a

Time(s) of watering for crops: n/a

Moringa research observations: n/a

Changes to research plants: n/a

Aquaponics: n/a

Narrative: we held a ceremony for the dead crops and while we were not sure what religion plants typically follow, and we were unable to ask them as they are currently dead we are confident that the great garden in the sky (or perhaps in the ground) will receive them and they shall enjoy endless sunshine filled with an abundance of rain and miracle grow. Fare well Mars crops. We think of you often…

Support/supplies needed: n/a

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