Sol Summary Report – May 25th

Crew 195 Daily Summary Report 25.05.2018

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 5

Summary Title

The final Day

Mission Status:


Sol Activity Summary:

EVA to Robert’s Rock Garden (aka the martian graveyard) was undertaken by the intrepid MDRS 195 crew. It seems that no day passes on this mission without a medical emergency and today was no different. We struggled through the crisis and the crew handled it well returning to the habitat after declaring a Delta evacuation and working through the problems before their thorough and informative debrief.

Look Ahead Plan: return to earth tomorrow

Anomalies in work:

ATV 300- continued issues with battery. Unable to hold charge.

Generator and solar continue to be manually switched

leak beneath HAB continues to occur while running pump from water to static tank.

Weather: Scattered Clouds, hot

Crew Physical Status: Doing well.


Reports to be filed:

Journalist Report

Photo report

Support Requested:


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