Sol Summary Report Oct 24th

Crew 197 Sol Summary Report 24Oct2018

Sol 3

Summary Title: Think like a Martian, Act like a Martian

Author’s name: James Burk

Mission Status: Mission is nominal.

Sol Activity Summary: We completed our first two EVAs today. Looking

forward to tomorrow’s final day in Sim.

Look Ahead Plan: Two additional EVAs tomorrow to scout VR locations.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Dry and a little foggy.

Crew Physical Status: Everybody is great.

EVA: All eight crew members went on EVA to Pooh’s Corner. The first

group of four also attempted to do some additional rover driving but

did not have authorization to proceed south and returned to the Hab.

Reports to be file:

Sol Summary – James Burk

EVA Report – James Burk

EVA Requests – James Burk

Operations Report – Jim Ehrhart

Daily Photos – James Burk

Picture of the Day – James Burk

Journalist Report – Marge Lipton

Support Requested: None

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