Sol Summary – October 25th

Crew 197 Sol Summary Report 25Oct2018

Sol 4

Summary Title:

Author’s name: James Burk

Mission Status: Mission is nominal.

Sol Activity Summary: We completed two more EVAs today. The second EVA was very successful trip to Lith Canyon where we flew a drone and took several GPS coordinate readings.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow morning we end Sim, but we will squeeze in one more EVA to scout VR location Candor Chasma which we didn’t reach today.

Anomalies in work: Opportunity rover overheated during our first EVA today (EVA3).

Weather: Dry and clear.

Crew Physical Status: Everybody is great. A little sad we are ending tomorrow because we are really hitting our stride today.

EVAs: Two EVAs accomplished – EVA3 nearly reached Candor Chasma but had to turn back due to a low powered Rover, and one that successfully reached Lith Canyon with all mission objectives accomplished.

Reports to be file:
Sol Summary – James Burk
EVA Report – James Burk
EVA Request – James Burk
Operations Report – Jim Ehrhart
Daily Photos – James Burk
Picture of the Day – James Burk
Journalist Report – Marge Lipton

Support Requested: None

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