Operations report – October 25th

Crew 197 Operations Report 25Oct18
SOL: 4
Name of person filing report: Jim Ehrhart
Non-nominal systems: solar/batteries
Notes on non-nominal systems: batteries apparently on site, to be installed Friday
Generator (hours run): 24hrs. The battery to start the generator is sitting on the ground. This can lead to depletion is not charging from the generator. Will put on wood blocks tomorrow.
Solar— SOC % (Before generator is run at night): N/A
Diesel: 65-70%, hard to read precisely from ground due to parallax Propane – psi: 45
Ethanol Free Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) – gallons: Not checked, ATV not in use
Water (trailer) – gallons: N/A trailer not in use
Water (static) – gallons: estimated 75-80% full, no precise gauge available Trailer to Static Pump used – no or yes: No
Water (loft) – Static to Loft Pump used – yes or no: Yes
Water Meter: morning fill, from 25 to 50, meter 138088.98; evening fill from 25 to 50, meter 138160.28
Toilet tank emptied: no or yes: No
ATV’s Used: (Honda, 300, 350.1, 350.2, 350.3): No
Oil Added? No
ATV Fuel Used: Gals No
# Hours the ATVs were Used today: 0
Notes on ATVs: N/A
Deimos rover used: No, out of service
Hours: 0
Beginning charge: N/A
Ending charge: N/A
Currently charging: No
Sojourner rover used: ASSIGNED TO DIRECTOR
Hours: Unk
Beginning charge: Unk
Ending charge: Unk
Currently charging: Unk
Spirit rover used: Yes
Hours: 53.9 hrs
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 60%
Currently charging: Yes
Opportunity rover used: Yes
Hours: 37.0 hrs
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 41%
Currently charging: No
Opportunity experienced non-nominal behavior during EVA 3. Rover was carrying larger team members, Robert (5’7”) and James (6’9”) and their knees apparently hit the gear buttons randomly that resulted in the rover being in High gear for portions of the trip and rapid battery consumption. Approximately 100m from the Hab the rover was at 25% and the “motor overheat” lamp came on and the rover stopped. The crew pushed it back to its proper parking spot and used a spare extension cord from the GreenHab to plug it in.
The Director subsequently unplugged it so that only one rover (Curiosity) was plugged in to the existing cord. (Spirit is plugged in at the GreenHab). At the time of the Engineering EVA (5:30pm) Curiosity had reached 41% (prior to being unplugged) and the “motor overheat” button no longer came on. No test drive was performed. Curiosity rover used: Yes
Hours: 52.3 hrs
Beginning charge: 100
Ending charge: 86%
Currently charging: Yes
HabCar used and why, where? No
General notes and comments:
Summary of internet: Internet connectivity and bandwidth fine Summary of suits and radios: All suits performed nominally. One charger missing and one wonky – attempted to create two new chargers from existing spare parts with suit engineers, but couldn’t produce working unit from spares. Need to send to NorCal chapter for replacement. Suits experienced wear and tear on EVAs, Suit 9 got a significant scratch on helmet
All radios reviewed and settings standardized. 13 units in good shape and fully charged. 4 units not in good condition and set aside as reserve.
Summary of Hab operations: All systems nominal.
Summary of GreenHab operations: Nominal, smoke detector batteries replaced and tested. Plants sprouted.
Summary of ScienceDome operations: N/A, not in use due to battery issue Summary of RAMM operations: Nominal, very disorderly, needs cleaning and organization
Summary of health and safety issues: Health and Safety Officer perform checks – see report.
Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:
– Battery meter acquired as donation from Shannon Norrrel. Will put in RAMM for use in checking status of battery spares.

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